How do I support racialized men who PnP as a service worker?

The PnP community is a diverse community of GBSMSM with diverse needs. Explore the various barriers PnP reduces and removes for racialized GBMSM for intimacy, sexuality, pleasure, and connections. Learn of PnP’s role in creating a pathway to connections and fewer inhibitions and rejections. For racialized and newcomer GBMSM there could be a heightened use of PnP to avoid loneliness and influence how they engage in substance use safely. In this video, service providers learn of the intersections of oppression for racialized, newcomer GBMSM and PnP use. What are the steps to foster collaboration with their community organization that serves racialized and newcomers? Get to know the local resources and communities with expertise in providing services to racialized and newcomer GBMSM. These include:


Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention

Asian Community AIDS Services

Centre for Spanish Speaking People

Africans in Partnership Against AIDS

AIDS Committee of Ottawa 


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