Introduction to PnP related substances

Learn about drugs’ various effects, properties, and impacts as stimulants and depressants on our brain, emotions, libido, breathing, the heart, and the body. Delve into the talk of various methods of crystal meth use from injection, snorting, hot railing, and booty bumping on the use of crystal meth by gay, bi, men who have sex with men (GBMSM). Viewers will learn how crystal meth affects libido and how to avoid overdosing on crystal meth. Viewers want to know which methods of meth use may harm skin tissue and membrane and learn how to avoid unpleasant effects and experiences of meth use. The discussions bring us to the use of poppers (amyl nitrate) and how poppers allow anal muscles to relax.

Further along, we learn about GHB and how to use it safely, and too much GHB be detrimental to health. Ketamine is a relaxant, and how does it enhance sex and the role of erection drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Join in and get into the conversation.

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