Meet Kevin D

Imagine the feeling of losing your inhibitions and becoming your full sexual self.

“We’re all going to slam so that we can open up and be sexual beings, instead of the awkward social freaks we are right now looking at each other.” 

For Kevin, like many other guys, this feeling is at the heart of partying. But what happens when life’s challenges get in the way? 

“I remember the world changing colour that day… The only way I could cope was to use drugs—for a very different reason.” 

Coping with loss, pain, HIV and Hepatitis C diagnoses, and a life turned upside down, Kevin navigated the world feeling alone. What does it mean when the thing that we used for fun becomes something we use to survive?  

“We are not less than human for the choices we have made. We are more human for being able to admit—and face—some of the things we have been through.”

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Meet Kevin L

For many of us, like Kevin, finding our place in life and in a community can be a difficult and unsettling process. What if we don’t fit in with this group or the other? What if we aren’t desired the way we’d like to be, or are in relationships that aren’t working?

Meet Pete

Loneliness and connection can define our experiences of drug use. In many ways, Pete’s experience of being isolated and hopeless drove his drug use for a long time. But connecting with others can change everything.

Meet Dylan

What does it mean to have your earliest experiences shaped by daily drug use? For Dylan, that was 15 years of growing up and exploring himself—through friendships, sex, and intimacy—while high.

Meet Mike

Mikes gives us a different understanding of harm reduction: a paradigm shift from celebrating counting the number of days sober to understanding how you can manage your use and achieve the rest of the goals in your life. 

Meet Matt

Matt shares the unexpected reality of the diverse social classes of queer men who party. But where are the resources for them, when they don’t fit the drug user stereotypes?  

Meet Colin

Colin opens our eyes to some of the barriers that keep people from reaching out for help.  

Meet Tim

When the desire for intense sex starts to spiral out of control, who is there to help bring things back down? Tim shares his worry for the guys who party who start to lose everything. 

Meet Kevin D

For Kevin, like many other guys, this feeling is at the heart of partying. But what happens when life’s challenges get in the way? 

Meet Shazad

Shazad shares how he navigates and negotiates partying, sex, work, and boundaries, and how he balances the good times he has on it with taking breaks from it.

Meet Jordan

Jordan takes us through their experiences with opening up to others about their crystal meth use. 

Meet Guy

Guy dives into the complex reasons behind partying and the impacts that you sometimes have to deal with because of it.   

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