The Basics

Current Research on Methamphetamine: Epidemiology, Medical and Psychiatric Effects, Treatment, and Harm Reduction Efforts

Methamphetamine is widely used and has a high prevalence of use and abuse. The heavy use and high dose of methamphetamine used results in neurobiological deficiencies, which cause negative health outcomes. It is administered via intranasal, smoking, oral, and injected. Methamphetamine use has implications for psychiatric care, dental, medical, and STBBIs. The research explores the efficacy of various treatments for methamphetamine addictions.

Party and play in Canada: What is its impact on gay men’s health?

The resource by CATIE, is an essential guide to learning more about party and play (PnP) or the sexualized use of substance by some gay, bi, men who have sex with men. It discusses the why, who, what, the prevalence in Canada and tips for service providers when working with PnP clients.

Chemsex: origins of the word, a history of the phenomena and respect to the culture

This article is a great read for all who want to learn more about the origins of chemsex. David Stuart describes the history, cultural context of chemsex and how it is unique to gay, bi, men who sex with men (GBMSM). He explores further the systemic oppressions of homophobia that create the unique challenges for GBMSM in the era of dating apps, hook-ups, and the trauma of HIV/AIDS. Chemsex may be a coping strategy for some, but it also empowers other GBMSM to enjoy pleasure, intimacy, and gay sex and find access to services that validate their identity and health care needs.

Goodyear, T., Numer, M., Coulaud, P.J., Mniszak, C., Schwartz, C. (2019). What’s the T on PnP. Queering Healthcare Access and Accessibility

At the summit on Queering Healthcare Access and Accessibility, the panel of researchers answers the questions on substance use, consent at Party and Play, and policy implications. The questions are on contamination of popper (amyl nitrite), the ability to give consent when using drugs, and the steps to move drug use into a health perspective and drug use policy.

ChemSex and Hepatitis C: A Guide for Healthcare Providers

Directed toward all service providers working with men who have sex with men (MSM) who PnP, this comprehensive guide from the UK overviews the intersections between crystal use and HCV, recognizing how a disproportionate HCV burden may be faced by MSM living with HIV who PnP. As well, the case studies and exemplar discussion questions included make this guide highly practical and user-friendly.

Treatment Approaches for Users of Methamphetamine: A Practical Guide for Frontline Workers

This practical guide from Australia is tailored toward frontline workers and harm reductionists, and relies on research, national and international guidelines and expert opinions to inform best practices for working with folks who use methamphetamines. The guide can be extrapolated to inform service provision for working with gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) who PnP.

Chemsex101: Everything You Wanted to Know (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask)

This easy-to-read and straightforward toolkit is recommended for clinicians, front-line staff and counsellors, and is equally beneficial for MSM and sex workers who PnP. Organizations can adapt this toolkit to serve diverse clients following a client-centered model to reduce stigma, shame, discrimination, and barriers for MSM and sex workers who PnP.